To Love and Lose

It’s painful to love someone from afar

Not near enough to adore them not away enough to ignore them

To know all random things they like but none that they love

To know nothing will change for them whether you exist or not

To see your heart crumble knowing they will never trust you

with their secrets, their woes, their pain, their worries.

To see that look on their faces; sad, lost, empty

And not understand what thoughts were the cause.

To be afraid that you might never be closer to their heart

never would be able to make them laugh harder, cry harder,

make them feel safer warmer just by being there.

To be afraid that you will turn into nothing but a distant memory

 the one they will give up on trying to remember

To realize your love will be always be unvoiced  unrequited

And yet hide that heartache with a smile

cause that’s how you were told love should be

Quite, muffled, mute, voiceless, excruciating

An empty and hollow struggle.

To find happiness in what gives them joy

To find bliss in their smile

To yearn for love yet never claim it

To never lose sight of that half ignited passion and half a piece of love

And fade away from their heart slowly, smoothly into the mist of time


~Ishwar Atre


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