Dors mon chérie

The night is silent the moon shines bright

The stars too are dancing in delight

Sleep my darling, now close your tired eyes

And wake again into a land of fantasy listening to this last lullaby

Let me tell a tale of a little elephant as cute as thee

A story once upon a night your nana told me.

In a forest far away lived a baby elephant, lonely and lame

No one knew where he came from they said he had no name

I imagine he must have been just the same as you

Wouldn’t you have liked to play with him too

Like you he was naughty and yet adorably sweet

As if a faint salt sprinkle over a sugary treat

It was a cold and chilly night much like the one today

The moon was pandiculating in the heavens , the sun has hit the hay

From one place to another he chased fireflies,

Thought they were stars that broke free from the skies;

A thump followed a thump and he took one more,

One thump step back and one thump step fore;

It was dark and quiet and the insects chirped on,

Crickets made music and moths danced to the song;

The head wolf howled the meeting call somewhere from the deep,

Calmly blew the wind and the leaves talked in their sleep;

And the with excitement and vigor glowed brightly the moon ,

looking at the Luna moths break out of chrysalis and caterpillars spinning a cocoon;

The little leaf touched his trunk and the little one sneezed,

The eyelids became drowsy from the lullaby brought by the breeze;

Tired and sleepy he dragged himself to the herds barren lawn,

He rolled down near where his mother lay and took a good big yawn;

It looked up to find old man moon for him he was the bard,

Slept the little elephant listing to the stories just him and the moon alone in the

Elephant’s graveyard.

As her eyes became drowsy and she looked towards eden

Her bosom rose and fell as her every breath turned more leaden

With that final verse her soul too severed all its ties

And the agony of touching her cold cheek got muffled in my cries

A last kiss to her fore head a final rock to the cradle

It was then all was silent like the deep sombre hadal

Away from the murdering pain she sleeps at last with ease

If it’s the last thing am to see then I too shall now die in peace.

Dors mon chérie in peace on other side; and wait for me with a smile

It won’t be long  for I’ll be with you just in a little while.

~ Ishwar Atre


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