The bar called ‘Solitude’.

Worry not for nothing?, That I can’t

Me and ‘Nothing’ are but two verse of the same old chant

Yep, me nothing and ‘Isolation’ are inseparable friends

We often hang out at the neighborhood watering hole ‘Solitude’ where the street ends

cause it has a kind and pretty barkeep named ‘Loneliness’

she is soon to be married and is in lot of stress.

‘Nothing’ keeps making pass on the resourceful waitress ‘Everything’; she is new

She’s got some people in trance, quite a few

Isolation is trying to bag the twins called ‘peace’ and ‘quiet’

With me being his wing-man he just might

‘Loneliness’ is in love and engaged to bliss

later we’ll go to their wedding rehearsal and see them kiss

A chap named ‘Humble’ will be the preacher

He is a jolly fella’  and a loved orphanage teacher

Girls named ‘Crazy’ & ‘Laugh’ are the brides maid

They have known the bride since 1st grade

They look pretty, both are hot

But still they are, a bride’s maid short

So tell me would you care to join; my maiden kind

and if I ask you for a dance would you mind

don’t fuss saying” What to wear I have no dress”

You look even prettier when a total mess

But that’s just your entrancing charm

Those petal like eyes and aura so warm

so just say the word, O’ dear ‘Sleep’

I‘ll wait for that ‘yes’ counting sheep

So  bring to the dance your dancing tush and needless to say that attitude

Allow me later to walk you home or maybe for a drink or two in “solitude”.

~Ishwar Atre


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