Tale 2

I hear whispers in the wind and they seem so meek,

Tell me o wise ‘Sarshilpi’ what do they seek;

He stopped his spindle with which he weaved time and space,

Trying to recognize the echos from a faraway place;

 He then returned to plying the destinies with a smile ,

And didn’t said anything until it has been a while;

“There was a little kid, he sighed; and a cute one she was,

She lived in a cottage by the river on the hill covered with moss;

There was so much she wanted to say but no one would listen to her talks,

Cause, they thought she was a little brat and shooed her off the walk;

Then one day she came skipping home and her joy knew no bound,

For she has got a sakura sapling as a reward from the great hound;

Sir hound had said to wait for it to bloom for then it will learn to speak,

All it need was some love and hugs and that would do the trick;

So the little girl planted it near the porch in a pit,

And till it was time to light the torch rambling on there she would sit;

She would say what she did that day all her bratty schemes,

Of her fantasies and wishes and all her little dreams;

And at nights when she couldn’t sleep,

As the nightmare gave her the creep;

 She would peep out of the window in her room,

And ask, tell me o sakura will you sing me a lullaby on sleepless nights when you abloom;

Couple of years went by and the kid was now a girl,

With innocent eyes and a lovely smile and her hairs ending in twirls;

She would swing and dance and draw and sing beneath its shade,

And someday chat on and on till the lights fade;

Then one day she became severely ill,

And talking to the tree through the became a daily drill;

Hope for her recovery slowly became blur,

But the sakura tree stood by the window always listening to her;

In pain and tired lying in bed she would ask wiping her rheum,

Your blossoms are set to cure everything so for me wouldn’t you abloom;

The girl was magically cured but the blooms still never came,

Time passed on and the girl became a dame;

Her hairs like enchanting like forest her laughter beautiful like stream,

She looked fairer than moon or so it would seem;

The mischiefs became grace the chat became talks,

Her little dreams turned into aspirations on which they both took imaginary walks;

One day she came running and hugged the sakura tight,

And then slowly confessed her love for the warrior who proposed her that night;

The solider came looking for her and grabbed her by the hand,

And held her secure in his arms like the clay will do with sand;

In the shade of the sakura their love and trust begin to grow,

They found their soul mate soon both have come to know;

But the destinies agreed differently and decide to make them part,

The war has broken out again and she said byes to her lover with a heavy heart;

She wept and cried hugging the tree and slept holding its roots,

Exhausted she spoke in her sleep her wish to hear her beloveds returning toot;

 And she dozed she asked the tree to save him from the deaths fume,

Your blossoms are symbol of belief and hope to console me o sakura wont you abloom;

Days went by and yet no news came and her talks completely ceased,

But the tree understood her every thought which has never been released;

One morning as she sat silently hugging its bark,

In the air the familiar horn which he blew from the arch;

She laughed and cried and danced with joy for her love was now near,

As for the sakura its blossom wasn’t still here;

And then the lass became a women and married her perfect groom,

Right underneath the sakura tree who has never had a bloom;

Years went on and the couple were happy but had a little sorrow,

They had no youngling and the future chances also seemed narrow;

The healer gave the heartbreaking news that her womb has gone dry,

That she will never be a mother whatever they might try;

The couple faced it boldly in front of each other,

But how could a women’s heart not shatter after knowing she could never be a mother;

She hid her tears from her spouse, and when alone whimpered holding the sakura tree,

She cried and screamed her heart out and her tears flowed in a nonstop spree;

Hours passed by and stars twinkled in sky,

But she sat holding the roots whimpering for her eyes won’t go dry;

She raised her head and looked at the empty branch,

And the colour of her face just turned blanch;

I might never again be happy i may never again experience glee,

She wiped her tears and asked the tree;

Would you give a reason to smile before my doom,

Tell me o sakura for me will you bloom;

But it seemed the tree didn’t even wanna try,

Instead the cottage got filled with that enchanting cry;

Another miracle had struck yet still,

The woman was now a mother and her joy was shrill;

The time went by and her family fruited well,

Busy with work she didn’t have much to tell;

But once in a while she will sit in its shade,

To relish the moment and let the exhaustion fade;

And on her lap will her offspring’s sleep,

While by the roots she cuddled herself deep;

Years went on and so did her kin,

For they aspired to compete and aimed to win,

The solider also aged and blew the final toot,

Leaving her alone in the world he became all mute;

The woman was now old and her face was all wrinkled,

But whenever she saw her grandkids playing by the tree her eye twinkled;

She passed her time sitting telling stories in its shade,

Of the solider, of the tree and talks they had;

As the time went by she aged some more and became weak and cold,

It was hard for her to move around much as her bones have gotten old;

She looked at the tree while on her death-bed and prepared for her final sleep,

You promised me you’ll sing me a lullaby while the nightingales cheep;

Then one day the when it was her last one and grave clouds have become to loom,

The girl through her blurry sight saw the sakura bloom;

Ahh at last you gave me my wish just before I am about to die,

What took you so long to sing me a simple lullaby?

Though I am at peace to see your bloom even through this blurry sight,

Tell me o sakura will we ever reunite.”

While the birds cheep around and wind plays the string,

What you hear is the lullaby that the old sakura sings;

The reasons why i couldn’t blossom and what took it so long,

Listen carefully little one and you’ll find all the answers in its song;

O precious one

I couldn’t bloom when you asked for a lullaby I myself was too small,

And when I became capable, on you the sickness had taken its toll;

I trade my blossoms to the healer flies so that I could give you life,

For if anything would have happened to you I would have died with strife;

Years later when I was again ready to bloom,

Your groom had gone to war and you were in tears gloom.

The wood nymphs told me that on him death had its eye

I again traded my blossoms to destiny so that he could survive.

Then one day I heard you cry cause of your barren womb,

How could I fruit seeing you in such pain my angel how could i bloom.

This time I battled with the life itself and traded the very being of mine,

The life took all my blossoms so that you could have thine;

After that I became all barren and infertile,

The only thing that made live was seeing your content smile;

I don’t know from where I got this nectar to fruit,

Maybe it was your love that gave magic to my roots;

As it’s your dying wish I promise these blooms will never die,

And so that you can have a peaceful sleep neither would the lullaby

And that  little one is the story of two friend who stayed together even after their doom,

and of the endless lullaby and eternal bloom.

~Ishwar Atre


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