Long wait for a short encounter

His jaws opened wide as he took a long yawn. He has been sitting on the porch for quite some time now waiting. Waiting, for someone he had known since he was little, Waiting, to see a friendly face once again, Waiting, to hear the brotherhood call. His face was covered with scars from all those fights over the years. The clan has been falling ever since the old ‘mother’ had died without a potential heir. They called her the empress and she indeed was an autocrat everyone feared and respected. She had handled the clan like none has ever before, they have risen in power and both their territory and terror has spread far and wide. But then she fell sick and the time hasn’t been too kind ever since. The foreign bodies noticed the downfall and had started capturing the border regions without them noticing. The sub branches without any one to lead started a struggle to gain power and the clan fell to shambles. It has been a pain to sort everything out from the scratch. He has fought his way up the ranks with everything at stake. He was the only one left of the main branch of the clan, He was only a couple of months old when the main branch had adopted him. He hadn’t inherited the blood but he had inherited the will well within his very being. He has been fighting, sparring, brawling without rest gathering subordinates and comrades along the way .Though the clan’s unification was yet a long way to go, but he has now the largest pack in the territory. The shouts of brawling in the next block broke his chain of thoughts ‘the hot blooded bastards they will hear it from him one of these days”. A young-ling came towards him and he shifted a bit in his place “goes on go along now no need for you to be loitering around here” he thought in his mind. Young-lings made him feel weird. He turned his face and looked at the house he could see a female sitting and waiting just like behind the inner mesh door. One look at her face was sufficient to tell she was from one of Nobel clans. She knew nothing of the outside world and didn’t need to, how irritating .Well she was not old enough to be knowing all this stuff. He turned his focus back to the road .he could see lights at the other end coming nearer with a great speed he cranked up his neck to see who it was but the lights passed him at a great speed, he had half a mind to run shouting behind it and give the driver a piece of his own mind but he sustained. Those jerks have taken lives of a whole lot of his kin and young-lings of the area over the time; he himself has had his share of accidents over the years and was lucky enough to survive. The passer by’s eyed him with fear and hatred, he hated those looks it was the only thing that made him mad with anger. He had sent his underlings to investigate the reason of commotions over the western region of the territory with help of one of the loyal sub branches; the rumors were that the enemy was a totally different class of creatures, brutal and ruthless and disgusting. The legends say they once dominated the land but old mother had got rid of them from the whole area single-handedly all by herself she was one heck of a warrior one must admit jump slash bite cut and the enemy group won’t get another chance to understand what had happen. He himself learned looking at her kill like a pro assassin, practicing with other brothers of the clan, surviving the challenges to gain higher status. He was not bad himself though especially proud of his jumps and invading techniques. He learned it with ‘him’ after all. ‘Him’ the person he was waiting who was like a brother, with whom he sparred when bored, with whom he shared tit-bits. Not much of a guy but even so….  Once again the lights appeared at the end of the road slowly approaching near him. He stared at the lights then at the vehicle as it stopped and the gate opened and he heard the soft whistle he has been waiting for. He stood up dusting himself with a shudder and wagged his tail as he moved toward the human. The human hugged him and he returned it lapping up some air and getting a good rub on his chest, yes it has been a long time since we have met, he barked softly. The guy tried to get up but he tugged him down, it’s been a long time since we wrestled, you wanna have a go? The guy took the hint and sat beside him after taking out a packet of biscuit from the hollow tree he took one out ate half and gave him the other piece just as usual and then slowly fed him the rest of the packet, the last biscuit ended in the same fate as the first. The female dog sitting inside from earlier had started getting hyper. With a vigorous rub and scratch behind the ear the guy stood up and patted his back said something in human tone and made that weird expression they make when they are happy and again patted his head, he close his eyes as the guy did so. Just then he heard one of his underlings running towards him barking loudly ‘Damn it, the rumors were true it was the pigs who were causing uproar in the western region, ‘gotta teach those bastards a lesson of their place in the food chain, he thought. Shrugging of the thing in his mind with a wild shake from neck to tail end he readied himself for another war, giving a shrilly war howl and started moving. The dogs of his pack joined in as he moved. He stopped for sec to look back, the human was moving inside the house whistling again, he barked at his clans men and gave the war howl just like the old mother had thought him and dashed of again with a huge leap, eager to test the worth of his bite while thinking I hope next time it won’t be such a long wait but a longer encounter.

~Ishwar Atre


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