The Ah-hi-ahi told me this tale ,
as i sat under his wing in the nights gale;
“There was a time when magic was common,
The infants could cast and kids could summon;
But there were those who craved for more,
Thus evil got shelter in their heart’s core;
It was known that after a wizard died,
In the core of his wand will his powers hide;
If you destroy the core to you they will belong ,
And so began the ambitions cruel song;
For the wizards wont die if not in a spar,
cause in the age of magic age was no bar;
Thus begin massacre for magic,
And the happy saga took a turn so tragic;
They starved for some power and then for some more,
Killing comrades was now a daily chore;
Brother murdered brother and people killed their own kin,
It was justified as survival and was no more a sin;
The wisest owl called the noble three,
The great kind phoenix, king of dragons and grandpa willow the tree;
The three of them made a spell and a half,
With kings molar ,phoenix wing and willow wood staff;
Then the wisest three acted fast,
With all there might the spell was cast;
And people forgot of magic,of witches and wizards,
Thus they became fictions tales by bards;
There were those who still had some magic left,
Maybe it was from will and not from theft;
They too were unaware of their eternal youth,
It was the side effect of spell from tooth;
The owls became pets to keep an eye,
For they were wise and ruled the sky;
The magical beast and the trees kept mum,
for humans ways were too troublesome;
And never again did they speak,
Nor they hinted emm about their magical streak;
And thus the tale ends just so,
I will rest now little one, you may go.

~Ishwar Atre


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