Two Souls

Neons twinkled and the lights glowed bright,

He could feel, the Christmas spirits spread through night;

Above sky scrapers, over towers and churches he soared,

Looking at people with their loved ones, being adored;

In this season to be merry, he could feel life brewing all around,

At the irony of this thought, first he smiled and then he frowned;

Doing his job brought pain so sheer,

He knew it was a curse he had to bear;

Mighty Azarel was he named, 

As the collector of souls was he famed;

Some called him Salathiel the son of Seth,

Yes he was archangel of death;

They said after taking god he’ll be the last to go,

He didn’t knew how he was supposed to know;

Landing on a roof he closed his wings,

Listening to the sound of air, forming strings;

People rushing home and couples strolling by the lake,

Children enjoying hot chocolate, brownies and cake;

As his eyes pierced through the smog,

On the road he saw some drunkards some ladies and a play full dog;

Slowly a boy and a girl caught his sight,

They had dull faces, but eyes so bright;

A ragged up coat was all they had,

Smiles on their faces were beautifully sad;

They moved some more, then sat on the walk,

The girl seemed younger, began to talk;

He took out a cloth from a tattered case,

And wiped her mouth, as she pouted her face;

She tongued her missing teeth and the boy smiled in bliss,

as he looked lovingly, at his baby sis;

As she sat there, biting her nail,

Tugged at his arm, and demanded for a tale…

He slipped out of the coat and tucked her in,

Pondering over, from where to begin?

Sagas he told of goblins and imps,

Of boxes of treasures, and cunning nymphs…

Of dragons and fairies and knights with shining armors on,

Shivering, as he weaved dreams, for he had nothing to don;

Slowly and slowly their eyes began to drop,

Just one more just one more she said and tales didn’t stop….

And quietly the lights started fading out.

Yes it was their time without a doubt.

Realization dawned on Azarel and horror struck his heart,

From eyes of death tears began to part.

Suddenly, all his reason,his will had died,

Looking at the heavens he shouted he cried,

And from the heavens his shrieks were replied-

“For it is destiny, it can’t be fought.

Don’t flow in emotions, just for naught.

It’s the rule; who those are born, thy have to take

Why is it now such an arduous decision to make?”

“This ain’t righteous” he pleaded “This ain’t fair!

I won’t take the lives of that innocent pair.

If a life is all that matters to you,

take mine instead just spare these two.”

“You have sinned, you have flawed, you have broken the code,

you have lost your way, from the righteous road.

In materialistic feelings and emotions you heart is caught.

Worthy of being an archangel, No you are not.”

Holy flames burned His wings as he fell,

His painful shrieks drowned by the Christmas bell.

He saw the kids, as he fell to the ground.

Both of them right there safe and sound.

As if the curse was lifted from exile,

His frown turned back into a smile.

And so it will be sketched  in the heaven’s scrolls,

as The Christmas night whence

The angel of death fell to save Two Souls

~Ishwar Atre


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