Toothless Little Santa

It has been a busy day and the conference has been hectic for everyone .He had been running to and fro all morning, as were all other volunteers doing chores joking around. The hotel manager rang the bell to announce the tea break. jingle-jingle his ears welcomed the sound “what a wonderful sound the bell makes! Soothing yet mischievous at the same time.” Soon the hall was filled with footsteps and chatter and smell of hot coffee and dry cake drifted his way, embracing him in its warm aroma. He felt so light and relaxed. It reminded him of home and of Christmas and lots and lots of memories. Ahhhh….. He sighed for the last 3 years he had always been traveling on the very day of Christmas. He longed for the fresh homemade eggless cake and a sip of hot chocolate with coffee. Having being a student in a missionary all boys’ school, Christmas has always been a big affair. He remembered his teachers, making them organize skits and carols, the adults fussing about the midnight mass and decorations while the kids awaited the news of 10 day long vacation and boasting about the gifts Santa was going to bring them this year. His friends were always on about what they got last year and what they wished for this year. He himself had never received any presents for Christmas. Though he was excited about the cake, that his mom was baking back home, but the heart can sometimes be wishful. He remembered sitting at the front seat of class 3rd ‘c‘, glaring at his pencil as the teacher returned them there diaries after having filled the holiday assignments. Nicholas sat beside him blabbing about cheerfully, asking him if he wanted to come to his home at Christmas saying he was planning to have fireworks this time for sure .He gave Nicholas a small smile and checked the assignment list. ‘Nothing difficult here’, he thought. They were to write an essay on Christmas experience and solve a few numerical problems. Every one waited for the lunch bell counting the tick-tock of the wall clock, as the vacation were to start, the afternoon session would be a Christmas celebration, which meant that this was their last class .The long awaited sound struck there ears as if it were the music of the lords and everyone rushed out, with their usual battle call “Yeeeeeeeee”! He was the last one to leave. Nicholas has been waiting for him outside the class and both of them ran to their usual spot. He didn’t feel like eating, so, he passed on his Tiffin to Nic, who as usual finished both in a flash. Demanding a race across the ground, Nic stood up, dragging him along,they started to race while more of their friends joined in .The recess has come to an end and the program had started. “Why do they always give those 5th class bhaiyas all the parts in the skit “, Nic said in a rather frustrated tone .With his teeth “stolen by the mouse” it was hard to take him seriously. On stage, the baby Jesus had been born and shepherds and the three kings were starting to gather around bringing gifts. Nic opened his bag and passed him a poly bag in which was a wrapped present. He looked at Nic in disbelief! “For me?” he exclaimed. A wide grin appeared on his face. He had just received his first Christmas present ever. It was an orange pencil case with “Chacha Choudhary and Sabu” flying on an aeroplane. He couldn’t stop smiling, his heart thumped loudly and his feet kept twitching with excitement. He felt as though he has found a treasure. The cold metal of the box had felt so pleasant against his skin. His eyes had become all foggy. The program has ended with principal’s end note which no one ever understood and everyone ran to find their rickshaw-wallas . Separated by such a crowd he searched for Nic, “Merry Christmas”, he heard a voice call and spotting Nic, he replied at the top of his voice, “merry Christmas and a happy new year”, as the crowd led him in opposite direction.

 The vacation has been a wonderful one. He had decorated the huge Christmas tree in the garden, ate cake and played a lot, plus his first Christmas present had made it the best one so far. The school had reopened for a week now, and Nic was nowhere to be found.  ‘That Idiot didn’t even submit a leave application!’ he thought. After gathering some courage, he inquired to the class teacher. “He won’t be coming to school anymore. His father got transferred to a faraway place.” His was shocked to the core. ‘Why didn’t Nic mention about moving away!’, he couldn’t help but wonder all day. There was no contact information about Nic either. With moist eyes he sat alone thinking if he would ever meet him again……

“Excuse me, I am to chair the next session”, the voice with French accent broke his trance. “Right sir, this way please.” He replied while still thinking of the pencil box kept securely in his shelf being his first only Christmas present ever and wondering will he ever again meet his “Toothless  Little Santa”,


2 thoughts on “Toothless Little Santa

  1. Such a cute story Ishwar 🙂 Had fun proof reading it 😉 May this Christmas be just as special for you! Keep spreading the joy like you always do 🙂

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