Where the Navdurga roots

Due to the festival there was great rush on the road more so  maybe because of the weekend night .It has been a weird day he has been meeting all sorts of strangers. They have been roaming around the city all evening and now they were here around 11 at night at one of the most crowded places in the city, he got left behind  and knew the guys were going to be pissed. He laughed as he heard the guys shout and followed the sound of all sorts of an insult they were using but that’s how friends are right. They started moving towards the flow of crowd. Oddly the insulting has stopped he looked and found the guys whispering and looking around; curiously he too turned his head around. He saw nothing just a common alley with monotonous structures a  lady with a lot of makeup stood  by a door looking around he turned his head there was another one, and 3 more at the balcony of the opposite house. Then it dawned on him “it’s the local redlight area” as one of the guys whispered in his ear. Just this morning some of his friends have told him that they have stumbled upon here recently .he bowed his head and gazed at the road as he walked he could feel blood rushing to his cheeks but what was this feeling that ran through his head . Fear??? No. Maybe guilt  but why ?? everything he knew about redlight areas flashed before him  he could hear the guys talking excitedly, ogling around . just then a little girl bumped into him  “sorry sorry” he muttered “MEHER” someone shouted  the girl ran back  he looked up saw the lady dressed in yellow sari calling the girl. “MEHER” the name brought a momentary smile to him  although if it was ironic he himself was uncertain  . He gazed around perplexed “ was anyone of them here willingly??’’ .courtesans have been respected in this country for ages why looked down upon now and what of the little kid. Why in a male dominant yet feminist society , do people tend to forget that it’s these areas which keep rape cases at bay keeping away those despoes from our CULTURED society. Why was he feeling guilty for this state of matters? THE ALLY ended though there were road ahead the guys insisted on turning back going through the ally once again and the topic of conversation has changed to the sad state of the ladies and how they end up in these places? How the curiosity has changed into pity he wondered ,and again they walked across the ally .He gazed around witnessing as the transactions carried out all around, drunkards fighting. He had been silent the whole time thoughts rushing his head .How odd he felt. And what was the meaning of these emotions .Has he been pointlessly arguing with himself and to establish what?? An  agent has started asking one of the guys “if he wanted some” .He listened as one of his friends asked the price behind him and then they moved swiftly . They have finally found the main road As they left  the ally he saw mud near a sapling and the first thought that had come to him and had never left back of his mind re-surfaced once again,so this is where the Navdurga roots .

P.S:- Meher this is an Urdu name it means kindness or gods grace or blessing. as for the title of the post as per what i have been seeing and being told ever since I was young is that in the Hindu festival of Navratri the statues are made of soil or clay and are worshiped for 9 days .Now as per the rules in old texts it is mandatory for the craftsmen/sculptor(murtikar) to go to the courtesans area (red light district) and collect soil from there backyards or gardens.It is a mandatory rule this soil is then mixed with the rest of the soil and the statues are made and worshiped. it was done to honor those ladies for the hardships they have faced. In earlier era the courtesans were treated with great respect and honor but slowly people started to be resent and eye them with hatred and contempt.the  once noble occupation is now taken over by the very hateful and loathsome crime of human trafficking which in itself is and has been the most disgusting and sickening scandal ever witnessed by the world.
These women are the reason the molesters and rapist are not running wild we should be thankful to them for that and give them proper respect and courtesy which the rightfully deserve.


6 thoughts on “Where the Navdurga roots

  1. Ishwar! Welcome to wordpress. It is a great place for people who love the written word 🙂 Beautifully written, I feel like I am watching a documentary..
    Add tags and categories to your post that are relevant to the post, so that more people can read this.
    Looking forward to more writings from you

      • Thats good! Read some blogs by different people on freshly pressed. See how they tag and categorize their posts. You can simply start with categories such as writings or poems, or fiction, depending on what you r writing , and u can be more specific while using the tags like women, trafficking (these being the most relevant to your post).
        Like or share other people’s work if you like it. Follow people if you want to be regularly updated about their blogs. You can check out some of my posts too.

  2. Loved your post!! The first one that I read.. Am looking fwd to reading others as well.. Beautiful title, lovely narration!! God bless.

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